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Actually doing this was, and is, one of the hardest things I have ever done. Sharing my feelings, with myself is hard, let alone the rest of the world! I am getting better about it and as my wonderful therapist, Ken, said this week — ‘those flood gates are open and there’s no closing them!’ So getting in touch and sharing feelings is important and I hope you too can open the floodgates and let those emotions out!

The following is the e-mail I sent out to friends and family letting them know my blog was up and running. Please feel free to use the parts that will help you.

Hi Everyone, As many of you know, my wonderful Maggie Soo, my awesome, gorgeous, incredible standard poodle, has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer). So I’m doing a blog on this final Journey that Maggie, Tara (her daughter), and I are now on.

While it’s still in its infancy, my blog is now up and running. Here’s the link: https://pjpoole.com/

Sharing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences in this format is really strange. So I’m sending this e-mail out with a big ‘gulp’ and ‘what are you doing?’ running through my mind. Yet, in my heart I know that this is important, for Maggie, for Tara, for me, and for others, so if you know of anyone who may benefit, please pass on the link.

Also, if you have any comments, I’d really appreciate them. I’d also love to hear of anything you think would be particularly helpful to add to the site.

 Here’s my Mission Statement.


The goal of this blog is to share the experiences of Maggie Soo, Tara, and I as we journey through this final stage of Maggie’s life. My wish is to help others who are going through or have gone through the loss of their beloved animal companion. The loss of a pet is an incredibly painful time in our lives.

Recognizing that we are not alone in our experiences and feelings of pet grieving can be a powerful and healing insight. I hope that by sharing our journey others will give themselves permission to grieve, and to come to an understanding of what that process means to them. Healthy grieving allows us to heal and to honour our animal’s life.

There will also be information on what has and what has not helped me. I recognize that everyone’s experience is different, so please take what works for you and leave the rest behind. 


 Phebe, Maggie Soo and Tara



I received a number of wonderful comments from people which help me on a daily basis as I continue to do this blog. I can only stress how important it is to reach out to others in your life and to accept their encouragement and love into your heart. Here are a few of the comments I received and there are some comments on the blog in my Finding of Cancer Support Page — please take wonderful energy in these words and use it in whatever way is helpful to you.

Phebe !I feel your pain and if the time comes when your beloved pet can stand no more pain I am sure you will give your blessings and allow the final sleep to come .It is what I would want for myself or for anyone dear to me. I cannot watch unbearable suffering. Perhaps because I have seen that in third world countries -nothing could be done -no medicine -no end of pain. To die is not bad -it is part of living and if you love enough –you will never forget how lucky you were to have those wonderful years -sometimes we just have to let things go. This is not want you wish to hear i am sure ,but for me ,it is right. I am sure you have many friends to stand by you at this time and will help you to work things out. My wishes go with you as always, love   

Hi Phebe- I am very sorry to hear about Maggie. Thinking about you and hope to see you soon.  

Phebe, I read your blog and it’s amazing. How brave you are to share this intense emotional journey with others. I know it will reach many many people who are also in pain and will help them feel less alone on their journeys. Stay brave. Love and Light,  

Beautiful…beautiful…. what a gift.  

Hi Phebe, Just read the blog.  My heart goes out to you.  How many sad things can one deal with in a year!! Keep positive, enjoy the time left with Maggie, although it may well be painful. Please keep in touch, I’ll be reading the blog daily. Lots of good positive vibes. Love, xx

Oh Phebe – my heart aches for you 

That is the mission with which I share the person parts of my journey – to help others to feel less alone, to give them permission to be themselves.  Hats off to your bravery… as you already know, you will help the world in your little way. Hugs, love,  

Wow Phebe! That blog is incredible!!! You are doing so much for Maggie. I think it’s wonderful that you are taking the time and energy to blog this. It will help so many people!  

Hey there, Just read your blog………well documented and lots of info……and for those of us close to you and the girls it is a wonderful way to be informed of Maggie’s (and your & Tara’s) progress…….good job so far.  Hope this helps you to release some of what you are feeling. Remember that there are many of us accompanying you on this journey…..you aren’t alone…….so be sure to ask for whatever support you need!! luv & hugs to my 3 adopted girls,

Thanks, Phebe. My heart goes out to you.  This has been a year of loss and change.  Your blog was written with such empathy and authenticity that it can’t help but touch others going through the loss of an animal companion in a very deep way.  Just the act of writing it must also be transformative for you.  Namaste,

I think you are very brave doing this… we will follow Maggie and crew.  Good Luck

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