Life Between Lives Regression Therapy


In a Life Between Lives Regression Therapy session you are guided back through your current life and then to the place we go between our lives. Some people call this place the “Bardo State”; others refer to it as the “Blue Mist”. You will explore what goes on in the Bardo State and what happens to your soul.

Life Between Lives Regression therapy can help you:

  • go to that place between your current life and the one before
  • learn what happens to your soul between lives
  • meet your Soul Guides, Soul Group, and/or Council of Elders
  • learn about your life’s purpose, and much, much more!


While each person’s journey is different, they are always profound. Clients have come away from these sessions with a deeper awareness and understanding of their soul’s purpose. Many have a new sense of empowerment, a deeper sense of self-direction and purpose, and renewed energy for life.

Before we begin a Life Between Lives Regression, we always ask your soul for permission, as we believe that performing this therapy must be done with great respect and integrity.

This is a profoundly moving, life altering and transforming experience, so make sure to schedule some quiet time for yourself after this session to absorb all you have learned.