Past Life Regression Therapy

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During a Past Life Regression Dr. Phebe-Jane Poole assists you on your journey to another time and place experienced by your soul. You can experience very real and profound therapeutic benefits from this journey. Past Life Regression therapy can help you to:

  • understand your soul’s journey through time
  • learn more about your past lives
  • heal your fears/phobias, addictions, and chronic pain
  • know more about your current life’s purpose


You may experience life changing feelings and gain a deeper wisdom far beyond your current life experience.

Other benefits of Past Life Regression include:

  • experiencing life from a very different perspective, such as from a different gender, age, culture, economic, or educational level
  • finding physical, mental, or spiritual healing and a place of balance and harmony by accessing the origins of fears, addictions, illnesses, etc.
  • understanding repeated patterns in your current life
  • viewing skills and abilities that you acquired in other lives
  • accessing an ability to make changes
  • obtaining a greater understanding of who you are and who you could be
  • Coming to an understanding of your relationships and connections to people who are close to you in your current life
  • understanding why you are attracted to certain geographic places
  • healing and transforming emotions that come up when visiting a past life by experiencing and releasing them


Before we begin a Past Life Regression, we always ask your soul for permission, as we believe that performing this therapy must be done with great respect and integrity.