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October 31 — November 6 — Tara’s Grief/Symptoms

It’s been 10 days since Maggie died. Tara is doing amazingly well and adjusting to being an “only child” much better than I ever imagined. She has been quiet all week and still has those moments where she looks so sad. With each passing day they become fewer and fewer.

She is so well behaved on leash that I wonder if someone switched dogs on me! She listens, heals, complies with ‘no pulling’ and ‘leash’ — the latter meaning “don’t dream of chasing that squirrel or rabbit when you’re on a leash!” She’s never really responded to those commands before so it’s wonderful that she is now. My back and shoulders definitely appreciate it!

For the first time since Maggie died, I left Tara for seven hours when I went to a clients on Wed. — B. her puppy sitter came in and spent an hour with her in the middle of that time and noted that Tara seemed to be doing so well. I was worried about being gone for so long. On the surface, it appeared that all was well. She ate her dinner — made us both an omelet.

We did get up at 4:30 a.m. for a bathroom trip and the next day she didn’t eat breakfast or dinner. She ate a couple of chicken feet. She did eat her evening snack of yogurt and boiled chicken breast and then she went up to bed a couple of hours before me. So not sure all was well on the inside.

Switched her back to raw food on Friday since she really wanted nothing to do with her cooked homemade stew. Took her awhile to ‘agree’ to eat her breakfast, in fact I’d put it back in the refrigerator but she was sitting in the middle of the kitchen staring at me and crying so I got it back out. Put a couple of extra liver treats on it and she ate it all up. Ate her dinner with no problem and breakfast this morning so looks like we are back on a raw diet.

She had a dose of argentum nitricum at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 5th.

Gagging — from what I’ve seen, she’s only gagged once and it was only for a couple of minutes — on Friday evening before dinner.

We went to the woods this morning so that Tara could play with some other dogs. She was better at interacting with them than last week. Still is pretty standoffish, especially when there were quite a few around but when meeting some of them, one-on-one, she would play a little. Tara tends to bark when she plays and that will stop other dogs from playing with her. Will continue to work on eliminating that habbit so other dogs want to play with her. She doesn’t quite understand why they stop.

Tara actually played with me this week, for a few minutes. Maggie always played with me and Tara would just stand there and watch us so this is new to her. She’d play with Maggie but not with me. This week we’d play for a couple of minutes but then she would just stop. I’m hoping that the more we do it, the more comfortable she’ll feel with it and the longer it will go on. Imagine I’m not as much fun to play with as Maggie! 

I’m looking for a class or for something that we can do together so that she has some mental, as well as physical, stimulation. Being a poodle, she needs to have her brain active. Would love to do canine dancing but so far haven’t found any place around here that teaches it. I’ll keep looking.

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