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November 10th — Gratitude

Today, as I travel on this path of losing my animal companion, Maggie, I’m so grateful for:

1. My colleague and friend who gave me a beautiful key chain with a silver-coloured poodle on it — “silver” was Maggie’s official colour. A keepsake I will cherish!

2. My amazing client who brought Tara a wonderful gift of a Simply Fido Organic Pet Toy Rabbit — so cute I wanted to keep it for myself!

3. The weather for being so beautiful and giving Tara and I some wonderful walks in the woods the last couple of days.

4. The healing that has taken place so far that allows me to walk in the woods without many moments of sadness and to be able to sit on my back deck once again…this time without Maggie watching me from the steps or sitting beside me.

5. My Guides, Angels, and Spiritual Beings who are holding me close so that I know I’m not alone and that Maggie is in good hands and who are helping me to heal.

6. My amazing clients who remind me every day of how important it is to be connected with our Spiritual beings and to those who share their awesome spiritual experiences with me as a constant reminder!

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