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Roller Coaster Up

October 2nd. Maggie slept with me last night for the first time in four or five nights. In fact she’d gone up to bed before I started working on last night’s blog entry. Was wonderful to have her there. I cherish those nights. Usually we are joined at the hip — Maggie lying perpendicular to me with our hips touching. Thank God for Queen sized beds! Tara came up but went right into her crate. All was quiet until around 5 – not sure if she woke me up or the pain in my legs woke me up. The pain in my legs was from the fact that I had a tiny portion of the bed with no room to move so in reality I could say that either way, Maggie woke me up! And I’m grateful 🙂

We lay there for a couple of hours — that’s Maggie’s time for affection. For me to give her affection :). It’s really the only time of the day that she wants to be patted. I cherish those moments. Always have. It’s also my time to give her some energy healing.

When it was time to get up, Maggie jumped off the bed and ran downstairs. Of how glorious to see! Even if she doesn’t put her full weight on her leg when going down the stairs. She was running around like a puppy again. Eyes bright. Grabbing one of her stuffed toys and playing with Tara. Guess the new remedy we tried last night had a positive affect — yea!!!! Decided to leash walk her to give the leg time to settle down again. We’ll go back to the woods on Monday if all stays as well as it is now. 

We had a great walk. Maggie and Tara even behaved themselves! We saw a squirrel and when I said ‘leash’ they actually listened and didn’t drag me half way across someone’s front lawn. They politely looked at the squirrel and kept on walking. Now if only I’d had that videotaped because it really is a first!

We walked along the creek which was lovely and peaceful. Again, they behaved. Not that I’m suspicious but wondered if they’d both been drugged. 🙂 There really are some good walks and so close to home. They’re like a little piece of nature almost in our backyard. We are fortunate. Not the same as being in the woods but pretty close.

It’s so wonderful to be back up at the top of the roller coaster ride — the view is so different from here. So much more positive. I will anchor these wonderful feelings into my body so that I can call on them when the ride starts to take it’s downward spiral as I know in my heart it will….maybe this is one of the places I can draw that strength that I was looking for last night…

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