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October 9 — Pet Illness Symptoms

Maggie slept downstairs — was sleeping soundly on the couch when I checked on her at 6:00 a.m. Had a 30 minute walk this morning. Ate most of her breakfast — not as much as she’s been eating lately. Took some convincing.

Finally caved in and fed Tara the home cooked food since she’s refused to eat much of the raw food for the last 48 hours. She only ate 3/4 of it.

Maggie was lying on the couch where she can see almost everything I do when I’m in the kitchen. When I came into the home office she barked for me. Went to her, patted her, and then she was fine.

Tara wanted to play this a.m. but she seemed¬†a little rough for Maggie. Maggie wanted to but kept hiding behind me…

Gave her Metacam at 9:15.

Was a little restless all morning. Couldn’t seem to settle in one place. Went out for a walk for an hour — beautiful fall day. Maggie and Tara were off leash for about 15 minutes and had a wonderful time playing and chasing each other. Walked on leash for about 40 minutes.

Ate all of their dinner and Maggie even ate some yogurt and chicken with Melatonin in it after our nightly walk – short one.

Leg and tail were spasming around 10:30 so gave her some Aurum.

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