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October 7 — Pet Illness Symptoms

Again, Maggie didn’t eat her nightly treats and just went up to bed. She got off the bed before I went upstairs and was lying in the hall. After I got into bed she got up on the bed.

Maggie slept with me last night and had a fairly good night until around 5 a.m. when it seemed like she was in some discomfort. We were awake at 3 a.m. because Tara decided it was important to go to the top of the stairs and bark. She then got on the bed with us and went right to sleep. Glad one of us did!

Didn’t give Maggie a remedy at 5 a.m. since she’d be having her morning dose of Metacam at 8:30 a.m. She was pretty energetic this morning. We had a short leash walk (30 minutes) as she was going to have another walk after the seeing Dr. Ely (chiropractor). Since it’s a beautiful fall day, another short walk down by the lake might be a wonderful way to spend an hour this afternoon.

She ate all her (large) breakfast (with a little convincing) and when Tara went outside I gave Maggie a couple of strips of chicken treats as she was still acting hungry.

Dr. Ely noted that Maggie was stiff through her lower ribs which means she’s shifting her weight a little bit. Makes sense since she hasn’t been putting her full weight on her right leg for the last week.

We went for a walk in the afternoon — think it was too much for Maggie. She was really tired about three-quarters of the way through it.

Was quiet for the rest of the afternoon  and definitely let me know she wanted to go home at 5:30. Guess she wanted an early dinner. Ate lots. Didn’t want to go out for a walk at night. I cooked up a large patch of her a stew and she licked the pot for her treat.

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