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October 6 — Pet Illness Symptoms

Gave Maggie Soo a new remedy last night around 10:30. She slept with me all night – in fact she went up to bed when I brought her treats into the living room. She wanted nothing to do with them. She had a lot of tremours/spasms in her leg through the night. Was a little more restless than usual. Often would bite at the lump on her leg. 

This morning she was much brighter than yesterday. Eyes were clearer and she was once again playful and puppyish. Limping a little and not putting full weight on her leg when standing. Ate her breakfast, when convinced to do so. Think this ‘breakfast routine’ of not eating until I convince her is becoming more psychological than physical.

Gave her Metacam at 10:00 a.m. Three hours later she’s bright, alert, and displaying no indication of pain.

She had a shamanic energy healing with Sachi this afternoon. After a nap, she went outside and played with Tara — running around the yard chasing each other. She started bugging me to go home around 5 — she was hungry. Ate dinner shortly after 6 and ate her 2nd helping shortly after that! Nothing wrong with her appetite tonight! She’s now quiet and following me around the house.

She’s still limping a little and the lump on her leg feels twice the size it was a week ago.

Tara’s gagging has almost disappeared today — just a few moments of gagging before breakfast. She only ate 1/4 of her breakfast. Tara ate all of her dinner and what remained of her breakfast. When Maggie got second helpings, Tara had a little bit of Maggie’s homecooked food.

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