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October 4 — Pet Illness Symptoms

Maggie and Tara slept downstairs and Maggie seems good this morning too. Went for an hour leash walk and she was very happy with it all. Except for the odd squirrel that she didn’t get to chase! Took some convincing to eat breakfast – stew with bone meal, Canine Omega 3 Oil and Sh-Emp oil but she ate it all. Maggie had a good and energetic day. Started to be sore around 6 p.m. so gave her a dose of Cal Flur when we got home. She ate all her dinner. Went for a half-hour walk last night — didn’t seem too interested in going but was quite energetic while we were out walking. In fact it was my suggestion to go home! She ate 3/4 of her evening treat.

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