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October 27 – Gratitude

I’m really so grateful for:

1. All my dear friends and relatives who are providing so much support through these days of tough decisions and heartbreak.

2. For A’s unending support and suggestions, especially her latest one of trying sliced steak — meant Maggie and Tara ate their dinner last night which meant Maggie got to have her Metacam and have a relatively painful last night.

2. For a phone I just received from Barb’s daughter expressing her sorrow and heartfelt feelings for Maggie and letting me know that if there was anything I needed to call her, or her Mom. How awesome is that soul!!!

3. For the sunshine on Maggie’s last day so that we can sit out on the deck and she can connect with the world as she loves to do.

4. For the Universe’s support, for all the Angels and Guides who are with us right now — for answering my pleas to help me get through this day.

5. For all the Angels, Guides, Divas who will help Maggie as she crosses to that wonderful place our souls go to rest, heal and rejuvenate after completing all their missions in life.

6. For all those who are on the other side (departed animal and human souls, Divas, Guides, Angels, the Creator, all Higher beings) just waiting to rejoice with Maggie as she arrives home and celebrates her amazing accomplishments in this life, including the Diva of Dogs, Mac, Dad, Mom, Peggy…..


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