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October 24 — Gratitude

Today I’m really grateful for:

1. All of my friends who came to visit this weekend. It’s wonderful to have such heart-felt support! To know there are people in my life who really do care about Maggie, Tara and I helps provide me with the strength to continue on this journey and to give Maggie the best possible life she can have right now.

2. My friends who help me think and look at things in a different light — transformation can be an amazing journey with so many emotions!

3. Having Maggie and Tara in my life, with all of the lessons, they have and continue to provide for me.

4. Barb’s mother, Lois, for sending me a beautiful card with a big hug inside and words or encouragement. The card had a Monarch butterfly on the front and the verse “You’ve got to admire them — wettin goff on a journey of no less than a thousdand miles on only a wing and a prayer. Yet make it, they will. And so will you.” Things like that bring a wonderful smile to my face and make my heart sing. So thank you!

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