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October 23 — Gratitude

I’m finding the more challenging the day, I take the time to write my Gratitudes. There can be little doubt that taking this time to re-focus on the things I’m grateful for has a healing and re-energizing effect on me. Helps me draw on the inner and spiritual strengths I’m finding I need more and more as we gone along this path.

1. I’m grateful for the fact that Maggie and Tara just stopped barking so I didn’t have to get up and tell them ‘no barking’ and interupt my thoughts.  Maggie’s bark was a ‘come and see what’s happening’ bark. Tara’s bark was a ‘think I should join in but not sure why so will put little effort into it’ bark. Maggie just came into my home office and wants attention — guess she figured that would be more effective than barking.

2. I’m grateful that Maggie has come into the office to be with me. I love having her in the same room. Her energy is so awesome!

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