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October 2

Oh how glorious — Maggie Soo is bouncing around like a puppy again. Just like her old self — only favouring her leg a little. She slept on my bed last night and there were a few tremours/spasms in the leg, when I was awake between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m., but she was not restless. She really only showed any concern when Tara came up on the bed and I was patting Tara and not Maggie — only a good sign 🙂

Decided to leash walk to let the leg get a little more stable again. Had a good walk with little indication of lameness.

Didn’t want to eat her breakfast. Ate a boiled chicken breast but would not touch the boiled chicken that I’d put in her dish with her vitamins/nutrients or with the canned salmon (which she loved yesterday). It was a different brand today so not sure if that had an affect or if she just didn’t want anything to do with the vitamins/nutrients.

I cooked up a stew made out of ground round, steak, and liver and added a vegetable mixture that I boiled — potatoes, yams, carrots, and cauliflower. It had cooled enough an hour after her breakfast so I gave her some and she ate it up like she was starving. Probably had 1.5 cups altogether. So will feed her that tonight.

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