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October 19 — Gratitude

Am struggling today with gratitude…Maggie’s lump is getting bigger and her movement more restricted and I haven’t slept well for a few days…weeks….I do realize how important Gratitude is for Maggie, Tara and I, so here goes:

1. The sunshine and good weather so that Maggie can go outside when she wants in relative comfort — and not get damp and cold.

2. The little bit of food she did eat as the more she eats, the more her body can become stronger and create more resistance against the tumour.

3. My client who expressed his concern for Maggie and shared a personal experience his family had had with their dog. All connections made this journey easier.

4. My ability to be with Maggie and Tara all day so that I can have this time with them, connect with them, be there for Maggie as she wants me near, to observe how their day is going, and share that with A. so she can determine the best homeopathic remedy.

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