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October 16 – Pet Illness Symptoms

Maggie slept downstairs last night. This morning she sat at the foot of the stairs and barked for me to come down. In the past, she would have come upstairs and jumped on the bed… She’s a little stiffer and putting less weight on the leg but seems in good spirits — played with her new “goose”¬†and wants to go for a walk.

Had a short walk — it’s a beautiful day so will go for another short walk this afternoon.

Ate all of her breakfast with little coaxing. Metacam at 9:30. Aurum at 10. A couple of chicken strips and duck strips.

Groomed Tara this afternoon so Maggie went into hiding. Was very relieved when I put the grooming equipment away without touching her.

Cooked their stew this morning so they licked the dishes and had a little stew as treats this afternoon.

We went for a walk this afternoon and she and Tara were off leash for about 30 minutes. She looked so happy to be in the woods, although she stayed closer than usual and came when I called her. Not the usual Maggie behaviour.

She ate all her dinner with very little coaxing. Wants to be with me – follows me from room to room. Is really sore and when first gets up puts no weight on her leg. Gave her Tramadol at 6 p.m. Slept til 7:30. Started panting around 7:35. Dose of Aurum 200 ch at 7:45 p.m. She let me massage her back legs and hind quarters for about 25 minutes. The muscles in her left leg (healthy leg) were rock hard. Went outside and ran across the back yard with Tara.

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