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October 14 — Pet Illness Symptoms

Maggie slept with me all of last night. Fairly quiet night. She was touching me the whole night so don’t think she had any more of the “leg movements” that she had last night on the couch. Am sure it would have waken me up.

She was fairly quiet before their walk this morning so I gave her another dose of Aurum. Wanted to do it around food and metacam so that seemed the best time. Maybe should have waited — on our walk she was very energetic, walking really, really fast, chasing squirrels, wanting to walk longer and not head for home. Was glad to see her energy was up once again but not happy about being dragged across someone’s lawn after a squirrel!

She ate all her breakfast and had a couple of strips of chicken treats, 6 of the Wellness chicken and venison squares and her metacam.

Is now resting quietly on the couch. Imagine she’ll do that for most of the day as I’m gone for a large portion of the day. They’ll have an hour with their puppy sitter during the day.

They had a surprise visit by Debbie and her husband which was wonderful! Glad they got to visit — meant they saw Debbie two days in a row! Am sure that made them both happy. Maggie would be glad to see Debbie’s husband. She really likes him.

Puppy sitter said they were quiet — rainy afternoon so not a surprise.

Got home around 5:30 and both seemed energetic. We went for a 30 minute leash walk. Tara managed to find a rabbit under a bush. So much for my shoulders!

Gave Maggie a dose of Aurum at 6:10 so will feed her dinner in half an hour.

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