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October 13 — Pet Illness Symptoms

Maggie slept with me last night — she went up before I did and stayed for the whole night. Was going to ‘make’ her sleep upstairs since she’d had her first dose of Tramadol last night and wanted to be sure she was OK through the night. I didn’t have ‘to do’ anything — Maggie’s intuition must have kicked in. She was a little restless around 1:30 a.m. and other than that seemed to have a quiet night.

Is energetic this morning. A little stiff on the leg but was quite happy on the walk (other than the 10 minute stop to remove burrs…..). She ate all of her breakfast with little coaxing. She and Tara played for awhile before the walk and after breakfast. Had her Metacam at 9:45.

She had two bowel movements this morning — usually only has one on a leash walk. They were quite dark, almost black in colour and very loose. Since going off her raw diet, she has not consistently had a bowel movement on our morning leash walks.

She’s a little stiffer now than first thing this morning — maybe she and Tara overdid it. She was just sitting on her spot on the deck at the office, surveying the back yard but seems a little restless. Could be expecting her ‘office arrival’ treat.

Gave her another dose of Aurum at 2:35 p.m. to see if we could offset the stiffness and soreness that has set in around 6 p.m. the last few days.

She didn’t get stiffer and sorer tonight — yea! She ate all of her dinner. We went for a 30 minute leash walk (in the pouring rain) and she ate her chicken and yogurt treat tonight. She’s now on the love seat, barking for me to come into the living room.

Did not see another bowel movement but when I was with her in the back yard this afternoon she squatted like she wanted to have one, three times, but nothing happened. She didn’t have one on our walk tonight, which she frequently has in the past.

When lying on the couch she had odd, strong movement in her legs. Different from her usual dream movements. When I touched her and stroked her, she was aware of it and the leg movement stopped. If it had been a seizure, doubt she would have stopped so quickly. She was quiet after that.

Had another dose of Aurum at 11 p.m.

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