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October 13 — Gratitude

Today, I’m grateful for:

1. My friend Debbie for visiting Maggie, Tara and I — Tara smiles for Debbie and it’s wonderful to see as she doesn’t do it for anyone else. Maggie was happy to see her and they played with her new Goose.

2. My friend Debbie for her caring and loving nature, for sharing her heart and for being their so often for me.

3. A. for checking in throughout the day and spending so much time determining the homeopathic protocol we are taking. For her knowledge on homeopathy, nutritition, dogs and people!

4. My cousin, Kathy, for calling to see if I’m OK and to find out how the girls are. Her support is never ending!

5. Maggie and Tara for being with me for another day…

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