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October 12 — Pet Illness Symptoms

Maggie slept downstairs last night. The cover on the love seat, where she usually sleeps, was in a pile on the floor. Maggie doesn’t usually remove it so she must have been moving around a lot in the night. It’s tucked pretty tightly in along the back and the sides of the loveseat.

Looks pretty good this a.m. Went for a 30 minute leash walk and she was moving pretty well, which was wonderful to see considering all her exercise yesterday. Ate all her breakfast with little coaxing — think she’s beginning to realize that I’m not adding anything to it so she likes it. Had her Metacam at 9:15 a.m.

I was away from 10 until 3 and when I got home Maggie seemed in fine spirits. Excited to see me, as always. Puppy sitter’s note said they were outside for almost an hour. Maggie on the deck. We went to the office and Maggie and Tara played for awhile and chased squirrels. When we left to come home at 6:30 Maggie was quite stiff and sore.

Ate all her dinner with no coaxing. Yea!!! Cooked them another stew tonight and they ate some of that. Maggie doesn’t want to go for a walk….Tara just wants more stew….

Gave Maggie a dose of Aurum at 8:00 p.m. since she was still pretty stiff and sore. Is walking differently than before — is putting weight on her leg but is stiff at the joint so instead of bending her leg she swings it out from the hip.

Seems to still be in pain so gave her her first dose of Tramadol at 9:40 p.m.

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