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October 12 — Gratitude

Today, I’m grateful for:

1. The kindness of Ontario Hypnosis Centre in their response to my request for a sabbatical until I get through this process with Maggie — my request was received with complete understanding, no questions, just support and compassion. I am so lucky to be associated with such wonderful people!

2. Friends — The two friends who came and visited Maggie, Tara, and I on the Thanksgiving weekend. I haven’t seen them in months and it was wonderful to see them and to catch up. I know they also came to visit Maggie and that means so much….to me it means they too appreciate the wonderful soul that Maggie is and also that they are there for me. Maggie, Tara, and I had a wonderful walk in the woods with Barb and her puppies — Maggie, Aly, and Wendy — Tara’s adopted King Charles Spaniel sisters.

3. Family — My cousin for the wonderful and amazing Thanksgiving Dinner that she prepared for family and friends and the ‘doggie’ bag that has provided me with two wonderful leftover turkey dinners. I love leftover turkey! It also meant that I didn’t have to worry about what to cook for me for dinner which is so appreciated!

4. The wonderful sunny fall day and the colours that all the trees have turned making the slow drive up and down the Don Valley Parkway a beautiful experience. Moments like those are golden in this journey.

5. Maggie and Tara’s puppy sitter’s being there so that I could leave them with a little less concern — I hate being away, especially for long periods of time. Was gone for 5 hours and it felt like 20. Her notes are so reassuring to read when I get home.

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