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October 11 — Gratitude

As I was walking today I realized how lucky I was to have this time with Maggie and Tara. How it has changed my life in so many different ways. I decided that it’s important to record those feelings of gratitude so I’ll have something to refer back to when the waves of grief hit again and I go crashing into the bottom of the wave. This will be my “Maggie and Tara Gratitude Journal” and focus on all the things that I’m grateful for that are connected to Maggie and Tara. I’m obviously grateful for many other things in my life but these blogs will be about Maggie and Tara. So today I’m grateful for:

1. I’m so grateful that Maggie left the dead fish she was rolling in and came when I called her. That is really unheard of!

2. I’m really grateful that she didn’t get smelly since I don’t want to give her a bath — the last one was too hard on her and I decided that I would not bathe her again. Sleeping at night could have been unpleasant!

3. I’m grateful for the beautiful fall days we’ve had every day of the Thanksgiving weekend, giving us an opportunity to walk in the woods in the crisp, clean air.

4. I’m grateful for the smile that Maggie gave me as she ran past me in the woods — so happy to be off leash and running free again.

5. I’m grateful to Tara for coming into my home office and keeping me company while I write my blog.

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