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October 10 — Pet Illness Symptoms

Maggie slept downstairs for most of last night. Went for a short walk — Maggie and Tara decided to chase a cat, while on leash, as I was being dragged through the woods I was thanking all my Angels for keeping me upright! Remainder of the walk was quiet. Breakfast wasn’t of interest to either — never is in a “quiet” home. Got Maggie to eat 1/2 boiled chicken breast, 6 pieces of dried chicken, two pieces of duck so I could give her the metacam. She’s now glued to my side.

Went for a beautiful walk in the woods this afternoon — Maggie and Tara were off leash for about 30 minutes which they both really enjoyed. A spectacular fall walk through crunching leaves and sunshine. We made a number of pit stops for water and just had a relatively peaceful walk — that in itself is different from the usual “hunting” walks we used to go on. The land was fairly flat so didn’t seem to be too hard on Maggie’s leg.

Had an early dinner — which I hand fed teaspoon by teaspoon full until she’d eaten it all.

A short evening walk and then Maggie sat out on the deck staring at the stars or planets.

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