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New Toys!!!! An Earth Angel

A very dear client arrived here for her appointment yesterday with two stuffed “gooses” — one for Maggie and one for Tara. They were just delighted!!!! Maggie still is! We took one goose home and after our walk this a.m. Maggie wanted to go directly into the house and went right to her goose, instead of her usual routine of going into the backyard and chasing squirrels when we get home from our walk. Tara was a little confused 🙂 

Now we’re at the office and Maggie has spent considerable time bugging me to play with her and her other Goose this morning. Whenever I stop she ‘huff’s’ at me. She loves making it quack or whatever it is that geese do. It’s so wonderful to see her playful and having fun, just like my Maggie!  Even if she is being a pain! Tara no longer seems to have a goose 🙂 although Tara seems more interested in sleeping right now so I imagine that dynamic will shift when she wakes up!

I truly believe this client is an Earth Angel. She has given Maggie, Tara, and I joy and delight once again. How special is that! Her beautiful energy lights up a room. My wish for her is that she truly recognizes her own special gifts and what a wonderful soul she really is. I thank her for what she has given to Maggie, Tara and I and for allowing me to be with her on her life journey as she explores and discovers who she really is.

When I think about it, I really do have the best job in the whole world. As a Spiritual Psychotherapist and Spiritual Director, I get to be with people as they delve into who they really are — as they journey along their life paths of getting in touch with the devine magical spark within them. Recognizing that they really are wonderful, magical beings. As I do this, since I’m coming from the spiritual perspective, I’m more in touch with the Universe, the Creator, the Angelic realm, and other spiritual beings. As with anything else, the more we do something, the stronger it becomes. So, my work allows me to make that connection with the Universe stronger and stronger every day. Who could ask for more?!

That connection, and the connection I have with all of the Earth Angels who are in my life now, makes this journey with Maggie bearable. How else could I survive watching my animal companion, the soul that I really am closest with right now, die. It makes the grieving endurable. I pray to the Universe and every morning ask Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphae,l and all our Spirit Guides, to be with Maggie, Tara and I and help us as we go through the day. Every evening I thank them for our day and ask them to be with us through the evening.

While I’m doing everything humanly possible I find this devine connection is really what gives me the strength. It’s also what brings those Earth Angels into my life. That amazing client with the ‘geese’ and magic for Maggie and Tara. The Earth Angel A. who I connect with once, if not twice a day — and more thanks to this Blog. My friends and relatives. This is what makes it possible for me to get out of bed every morning — because when I wake up and think about the fact that one day soon I may be waking up without Maggie, it’s hard to get out of bed.

If you are going through this, have gone through this and are still grieving, or just at some point know that you too will be going through this. Please don’t do it alone. Reach out to friends, family, and get in touch with your spirituality — whatever that looks like for you. We don’t have to do it alone. So please don’t. I hope that this blog gives to you what my Earth Angels have given to me.


Phebe, Maggie and Tara

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