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Maggie’s Passing — Support

Within 5 minutes of sending an e-mail out announcing Maggie’s passing, I started receiving responses. As with the responses to the other stages of this journey, I’m going to share them with you in the hopes that they will provide you too with support. I can’t begin to say how much they all mean to me! Each message is filled with such love and compassion and are helping me, and Tara, as we go along this part of our journey, without Maggie. This blog will be updated frequently.

Here is the e-mail I sent out yesterday about Maggie’s passing.

Maggie Soo

October 15, 2001 – October 27, 2010

Maggie Soo left her canine form, peacefully, at 3:45 yesterday afternoon at the Stouville Veterinary Clinic with Tara, Debbie, and I by her side. Dr. Thompson, in his compassionate and caring way, ensured that the process was gentle, peaceful, and sacred for everyone, foremost for Maggie. I know many more of you were with her in spirit.

While everyone said this is an aggressive cancer, it went faster than many expected. I truly believe that Maggie was in complete control and decided that this was not the way she wanted to live. Also, knowing Maggie, I’m sure she didn’t want her daughter, Tara, nor I, to go through this any longer than necessary. My dearest Maggie always knew what she wanted and had no qualms expressing it!

Her health deteriorated very quickly, starting last Saturday. It became harder and harder to control her pain and ensure that she was comfortable. I vowed she would not suffer so on Tuesday I made one of the most difficult and painful decisions of my life…to help her go to that wonderful place our souls go when they are no longer in their physical form.

I know she is in a wonderful place and is playing happily with Dad, Mom, Mac (her horse brother), Buster (her first canine love), and all her other soul mates, free from pain and any suffering. She’s rejoicing and celebrating the life she lived and all the wonderful things she did while here. Maggie impacted many, many people and will live on in their hearts. As she will in mine. She will be greatly missed even though her soul will always be with me.  I thank God for every moment I’ve had with her, for all she taught me, and for her unconditional love. Her heart was never ending.

My thanks and deep felt gratitude goes out to everyone who has been on this journey with us, whether in person or from afar. Your support has made this almost bearable. ‘Thank you’ seems inadequate but for now it’s all I can do, so thank you.

I know our journey isn’t over but rather has transformed. I also know that the grieving will continue as it moves into healing for Tara and I and everyone else who Maggie has touched. So I will keep blogging on my website and sharing our experiences in the hope that it will help others who go through, or have gone through, the painful loss of their animal companion.


Phebe and Tara

Here are some of the amazing responses to my e-mail and/or news of Maggie’s passing. Each paragraph is a new e-mail or voice mail. I’ve removed names. It’s such an honour to be able to share with you all the love and compassion that’s found in each message. 

Dear Phebe, I think you already know how sorry I am for your loss. I want to thank you for the opportunity to get to know Maggie (and Tara and you, of course) and to do what I could to help her. The time went by much too quickly. It was almost as if she understood the consequences of her diagnosis and decided to get it over with as quickly as possible. I believed she enjoyed her life immensely and would accept nothing less than living it on her own terms. I find the dogs I … reward me in two ways. They have introduced me to some remarkable people, yourself included. They also advance my knowledge of ….., providing me with additional resources to help others as I continue on the path that, in many ways, defines me. And Maggie added something a little something extra to that… quite simply, it felt like an honour to be accepted into her inner circle. I know the days to come will be very difficult. I hope you can find some peace in knowing that Maggie is watching over you and Tara and will find ways to let you know that she will always be with you. What a beautiful tribute Phebe. I’m sure you and Tara are simultaneously both saddened and relieved; it is always so difficult to embrace such different qualities isn’t it? I must admit, this is the most powerful reflection on love that I have come to read. You each had a strong life bond that goes beyond the temporal. I hope you and Tara can take time for one another in a calming, healing fashion. Peace,

Hi Phebe, I am sending love and light to both you and Tara in this tough journey. I know that Maggie’s light is still shining in both you and Tara and will forever. Thank you for sharing Maggie and Tara with us all. Maggie is so proud of you both.

Phebe, My deep sympathies and condolences on the passing on of Maggie. I’m so honoured that I was able to spend time with you and Maggie (and Tara) …. I’ll always treasure our visit and especially our walk together that night and how Maggie, even in her illness, shared her boundless spirit with us. I can still feel her beautiful soul as she frolics on the other side.  My prayers to you and Tara that your grief may be lightened in time as you transform into healing.

Phebe, I’m so sorry for your loss.  I agree that Maggie chose her own time to exit to spare you and Tara further heartache. Sending you both love and light. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I’m here for you. Love and Light,

Hi Phebe, I can only remember what you are going through. The loss of an animal is like no other. Not hearing those nails clinking the floor as they walk down the hall, not seeing that smiling face as you walk through the door and not getting that hug when you most need it. AS you said…remember she will always be there in spirit. Remember all the good times and keep them as memories. Remember to give your love to Tara….she is going to need it. Thinking of you both!

A gift, thank you!

Dear Pheebs. Sorry to here about Maggie. I know you loved her very much. If it would make you feel better, you can have my dog.

Hi Phebe, Sorry to hear. I haven’t read it all yet, got blurry.

Oh, Phebe, what a beautiful message from the deepest and most loving space… Warm thoughts and loving hugs to both you and Tara during this time.  Anytime you need an ear, I am here. love,

My Dear Phebe and Tara – As I started to read your wonderful and most loving email, a river of spontaneous tears immediately sprung forth, running in unstoppable rivulets, down my face. I sit here surrounded by F., F. and R. who are now keeping a watchful eye at the sudden change in my emotions. We send our deepest and most heartfelt condolences for the loss of Dear Maggie AND gratitude for having shared a small part of her life with you and Tara. Maggie’s was indeed a blessed life with you as her  two-legged companion and her daughter Tara by her side. It was always such a welcome pleasure when we would meet spontaneously up at Greenwood and have a wonderful walk and romp through the bush.  I will never forget our reunion at the bridge the morning she went off on one of her “walk abouts!” I am so grateful for Maggie that her journey with cancer was short. It was so also for F.’s and F.’s incredible father A., the magnificent head of my girlfriend’s poodle pack. As always, the most difficult times are for those left behind to accept and adjust. Just as thank you seems inadequate, so do my words of sympathy. I believe my tears say it best, as they “speak” from my heart. I feel they are the truest and most pure manifestation which honour both Maggie’s life and our loss. Thank you so much for sharing and including me during this difficult time . Perhaps we will meet again up at Greenwood one morning…. With hopes for ease and continuous blessings,  

Oh Phebe,… C. and I are so sad that your precious Maggie has gone. She really was a very special friend to you, and mother to Tara. And we know the great love and dedication you shared for each other. We can certainly relate to your grief..our beloved pets are our family. They don’t ask for much, but give so very much to us and make our lives happier each and every day. You are in our hearts and thoughts. Love and hugs,

Dearest Phebe and Tara, I am so sorry to hear that Maggie has passed.  My heart is full and reaches out to both of you in love and prayer. I have experienced being in the presence of the connection that you share with Maggie and I can only imagine how it is for you at this time – the celebration of her life and the grieving of her dying. My love is with you. Blessings to Maggie as she experiences her return ‘home’ and to you and Tara as you transition through this transition. May you feel the Divine embrace that surrounds you in this loss. 

I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss.  Thanks for all you have done to help others. With love

I’m so sorry to read about Maggie’s passing.  We’re all thinking about you here and wishing you peace and healing.

Phebe, My thoughts are with you and Tara.  What a beautiful picture of Maggie Soo.  I have been following your blog and thinking about all of you this week, last night when I hugged my little dogs, A. and S. I thought of how hard it will be one day.  Take care of yourself and see you soon.  

So sorry to hear the sad news.  You are absolutely right that she is in a better place with loved ones. Maybe she’ll even run into my old lab – L. Take are Phebe.

My condolences, Phebe. Maggie is a wonderful soul and I congratulate her on her wonderful life and quick passage.

Phebe..I am so sorry for your loss, Maggie was a beautiful dog inside and out she had such a pure spirit 🙂 and she was sooo loving and gentle, and a good mom 🙂 I couldn’t go to class when I read this e-mail just now, I told my dad but telling my mom is going to be a little tricky because we all loved Maggie <3 If there is anything I can do let me know, and also if you can keep me updated on how Tara is doing, I hope her puppy personality keeps her going strong! Love,

Hi Phebe, What a beautiful tribute to your Maggie Soo.  Thank you so much for sharing. My love,

I am so very sorry Phebe. Our thoughts are with you and Tara at this time. I am certain you did the very best for her, and while you did not want to let go…you did the right thing. Know that we are thinking of you and wish we could help you to ease the pain. Our very best regards.

I’m so sorry Phebe.

Awe Phebe, I’m so sorry to here about Maggie. I can totally relate to the decision you had to make. She couldn’t have had a more caring family around her. I liked the picture you posted. Thinking of you….she is just on the other side of that rainbow bridge. With caring thoughts….Love

Dear Phebe and Tara, I am sending you love and peace. Thanks Phebe for sharing your journey I am sure it will help many people. More than you will ever know…Lots of Love

Thank you for sharing her life and transformations with us. We are connected and feel your pain. Our animals have a way of bonding with us that no human can replicate. Your mutual love and dedication is an enduring gift that you have shared with many. We are many we are one.

There are no words to make your sorrow any less! You did your best and Maggie knew this to be true. You will never forget -just keep the memories close . Work helps ,just keeping busy is the best medicine.  Socialize with your friends  – it keeps the sadness at bay! Sometimes one is overcome with so many things to deal with these days. You are strong , and i am sure much in demand with your work. Thinking of you and wishing you well, as ever,

Dear Phebe, As I drove by Isle of Avalon yesterday, I sent my heart energy to you and your girls. I wondered at that moment if precious Maggie was still present in this reality of form. Our home experienced D’s presence in many ways for about a month after she had died. The vet told us to expect this phenomena and indeed we did. We could hear her dog tags tinkling, hear her come up behind us, feel her beside us. Even those without a spiritual background experienced the same. Love finds a way to keep close. I appreciate receiving your personal email as I have not got into the whole ‘techie thing’ of blogs and face book. I should say, as yet, as one never knows what is around the corner. It is a beautiful picture of Maggie Soo and beautiful words from her mom sharing her heart at this very tender time. May you feel angel wings about you as you journey the days ahead, remembering, reflecting upon and grieving the presence of your glorious canine friend. Sending love to you and Tara,

Oh Phebe, I am so sorry! You were such a good mother to her, and I know she will protect and watch over you from the other side. Treat yourself gently, knowing you did everything possible to help her through this! There are no words to express how sad I am for you…  🙁 with love & light,

HI, I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved Maggie. It must surely be quite difficult at times. I am so glad you were with her when she ‘passed’. I love the wording you chose to speak about the moments you all had together. I am sure your spirituality and your sensitivity to it all will help many others through similar processes… Take care, my prayers are with you, Hugs

I am so sorry.

Phebe, Sorry to read you lost one of your best buddies. Will always remember how well Maggie guarded me while I was mending from ….. She even notched Tara off the bed because she was moving around too much causing me too much … pain. You used your wisdom to let Maggie go from this disease. Tara has matured into a wonderful buddy.

Hi Phebe, So sorry to hear about Maggie. I never met her, but I’m sure I would have loved her if I did. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. Stay well,

Dear Phebe. I can only guess how you are feeling at the moment.  I am sure you did the right thing with Maggie.  You gave her all the support and care above and beyond what a lot of humans could expect or wish for. Thank you for the really great photo of Maggie looking composed and regal. I hope that you and Tara were able to spend this weekend together strengthening the bond between you…..With love and hugs

Phebe, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Maggie. I cannot imagine your grief but I send my love to help comfort you, Love  

Phebe – the picture of Maggie is beautiful. You are in my thoughts, 

So sorry to hear about Maggie’s passing…I am happy it was a sacred and compassionate passing. She is now free of physical pain and back with our Creator ( for awhile).   Sending lots of love, 

Dear Phebe and Tara, Tears cleanse the soul and the release of them help the pain…… My wish is that for you and Tara that there is enough tears to carry your grief away and replace it with all that was soooooo phenomenal about Maggie, which is endless. My heart cries for you Phebe and my prayers to your house are full of white and loving light. with care

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