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Maggie Soo’s God Mother — September 2010

Maggie Soo’s God Mother, who Maggie has the honour of being partially named after (Soo), is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. Maggie Soo loves her so much. So do I. I know our three souls have had many lifetimes together. I am honoured to have her as a friend and know that Maggie Soo is honoured to have her as a God Mother.

I’m sorry that we haven’t seen more of her over the last few years but am happy that we’ve reconnected now. For me, it is one of those special relationships where I see someone after a being apart for a while and we are so connected it’s like there was no time in-between our visits.

Soo and Maggie Soo frequently correspond via e-mail so I’m sharing some of them with you with Soo’s blessings. To me they show the bond that can occur between humans and animals and hope that by sharing these e-mails they will help you to feel comfortable in sharing your bond with any and all wonderful animals.

This wonderful bond provides me with encouragement and so much support, as Maggie and I go along this journey. Even if her September e-mail makes me cry every time I read it! So that’s a warning but they are tears of love and joy! Many of the other e-mails will make you laugh and smile as you get to know Maggie even better.

Soo refers to ‘Mac’ — he was my amazing thoroughbred horse who was in my life for 17 years. He was here for the first couple of years of Maggie’s life and she spent many an afternoon and evening at the barn.

Soo also mentions Buster who was her awesome animal companion and Maggie’s first love. Buster taught Maggie so much. I’ve included a picture of him on the picture/video page.

September 28 — Soo to Maggie Soo

Hi Maggie,

So I was so glad to see you the other day I am happy that you still remember me.  You must be so proud of your beautiful daughter Tara she is a lovely girl and in time we will get her used to horses and she will be comfortable in her new home out west. She will be able to look after your Mom just fine as you have and are teaching her well to care for her.  I thought it was neat that you wanted to walk around alone just looking for the past to be again. But it can’t be we all need to have the memories and live for today. Each day is the one that we re given. I know that you are trying to tell you Mom that and she will get it all figured out sometime.  You look like you are enjoying your life as you have always done. Each thing that has been thrown at you, you have handled with the strength and dignity that you were born to possess.  I couldn’t help but think that maybe Mac was talking to you when you were here and maybe there was something that you two needed to chat about.  Who knows but you are welcome to come and just reflect of your fun and not so fun times here anytime that you want to. I will certainly never stand in your way. Buster is around a lot too and maybe her was just trying to chat too. My guess is it had to do with lets go to Lake Louise.  HAHAH That is not going to happen.

You are one very, very special girl and I Love You So Much. I know that even when things are not going well for others around you, you are aware of the road that you have to travel and you will take it like the special girl you are and face it head on. The fear of the unknown will try to take over but Mom wouldn’t let it so I know you will be strong and make the journey just like you have everyday of you life here.

I have attached this very quick little snipit of Buster so that you can look forward to playing with him again. 

Love always,

You God Mother

September 30 — Maggie Soo to Soo

Dearest God Mother,

I don’t know where to begin….you always have and always will have a very special and dear place in my heart….whether I’m here on the earth or somewhere else playing with Buster – the canine love of my life J I receive your love with gratitude and hope you know that I send mine to you forever.

I also hope that you know that all the wonderful things you have said about me are a reflection of you too. Mom gets technical and calls it the mirror principle – we can only see in others what we have within ourselves. So back to you they go J

I am so honoured to have had you in my life and I will come to see you at the farm and hopefully at a horse show now and again. In canine form and in spirit form. I’m sure you’ll see Buster and I playing together and hope we can make you laugh the way we used to.

I love the horses and am so pleased you will work with Tara, what a wimp! What kinda cowdog is she going to be!!! Yea, I know they are big and they did so want to grab her by the head and by the tail, but geez did she have to be scared? You’ll have your hands full there! She doesn’t have Buster or Mac to help her so am glad you will be there for her.

Yea, Mac was talking to me. That’s why I wanted to hang out in that spot by the barn – it’s where Mom used to let him eat grass after his shower. It’s also where she let me play with Buster – I much preferred where you let me play with Buster but you’re right, Lake Louise wouldn’t be a good idea – the thought of a bath is totally unpleasant!

I loved the visit to the farm but was really tired afterwards. Maybe I was just so excited to see you again after so long. Our next visit might be shorter. Mom’s restricting me these days to shorter walks too.

I love the snipit of Buster and the picture.

Mom wants to know if she can use the picture of Buster on my Blog – so I can show the world my canine love.

She also wants to know if she can put your e-mail on the blog for others to read. Every time she reads it she cries. She even shared it with her therapist today. Maybe she wants the world to cry too…or maybe she wants the world to know what an amazing dog I am. She’ll wait to hear from you about putting it on the blog.

She’s printing it off so she can read it before going to sleep….sentimental isn’t she?

I love you and thank you for always being there for me – all those times I had to pack my bag and had nowhere to go, just because of some stupid skunk or dead fish or something mischievous I’d done and Mom wanted me to go live somewhere else.

Your God Dog,

Maggie Soo

September 30 — Soo to Maggie Soo

Hey there My love,

Glad to hear from you, also glad that maybe you will be able to get to the show. That will be so fun. We will be in the office at the main indoor arena. lee will be a t the ingate to the main arena. You can stay with me and Tara can look through the window at the horses so show wont have to be right with them to start. We don’t want your Mom to have to clean up runnies all night because we scared her too much. Well maybe you would like to see that but I don’t want to hear about it for a long time. 🙂  Everything that I wrote before was true and if you Mom wants to share it as long as it is ok with you then for sure anything that makes everyone feel better is fine by me.  Sorry that you weren’t feeling well after being here the other day. I hope that you will come back. It is ok to be sad and dry and be forlorn as you are going through stuff that we are unable to understand, but I was with Mom and Bill has been travelling for some time now so I have seen it and just have to let it happen. I am talking like I know what it is, but fooled you I don’t. I do however know that when Bill was travelling very fast and the paddles of the Dr. brought him back when he talked about it he was very emotional and yet very happy at the same time. The comfort of what it was made him feel warm and cared for. I remember him telling Marg about it and he was crying and sobbing and still was just so bright and almost glowing as he was telling her. He said it was like nothing else he as have experienced and is not afraid to go there again. 

You have your hands full in getting your Mom and daughter to take everyday as it comes and relax and experience the trip.

have a great night.

Write anytime,

Love you so much Maggie


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