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Maggie Soo’s God Mother — Dec 2005 – Aug 2010

There were many e-mails sent from Maggie Soo to her God Mother, especially when Maggie had done something I considered horrible, like chasing a skunk or rolling in a dead fish. I’m sharing these with you so that you get to know Maggie’s awesome personality and who she really was in this lifetime.

You will see a reference to “Lake Louise” and Maggie Soo’s love of Lake Louise. For some reason, my elegant standard poodle believed that being elegant involved rolling in the smelliest, dirtiest things she could find. For some other strange reason, her God Mother believed this too. You’ll notice this pattern throughout the e-mails. Anyway, one day, Maggie and I are at the barn. I’m in the tack room diligently cleaning my tack. Maggie Soo is being ‘watched’ by her God Mother and Buster and some other people. I love cleaning my tack so am quite happy in the tack room by myself. I can laughter and chuckling coming from everyone and it feels comforting hearing everyone’s joy. Suddenly the laughter gets really loud and then there’s silence. The tack room door opens and Soo is handing me Maggie by the leash saying something about “Buster took her to Lake Louise and she went swimming. She had a really, really good time.” Then Soo vanishes, along with Buster, and everyone else. I look at Maggie and she’s covered, completely covered, in wet slimmy horse manure. Grinning, and panting, and looking of so happy. The smile slowly left my face, the feeling of peace and contentment slowly left my face and Maggie and I went to Mac’s tack box to get his shampoo and then off to the shower stall for a bath. Didn’t see Soo anywhere for the remainder of the time we were at the barn that day. You may be wondering why I’ve got this under the heading ‘Support — Human’….and that’s a very good question. Well, it’s one of those stories that brings laughter, joy, and connection whenever we think about it, even now, six years later. And really, no harm was done, Maggie had a good time, Buster had a good time, everyone else had a good laugh, and I wound up going home with a clean dog.

Here are the e-mails,

December 15, 2008 — Maggie Soo to Soo

My dearest God Dog Mother,

 I’m writing to inform you that I’m really, really sick and it’s all because of my daughter. She got sick first and now I’ve got it. Mom’s beside herself but really who cares when my stomach feels like this and I’m throwing up and have this watery poop coming out the other end. I just might not make it. I’m sure dogs have expired because of the ‘doggie flu’ before. If not I’ll be the first! If Mom reads this she’ll really feel sorry for me! I DON’T WANT to eat and Mom keeps giving me boiled chicken breast and steak YUKKKKKK. And even dried toast. So what if I usually like it. I DON’T WANT it now. And she spent 4 hours grooming me on Saturday just because it’s Xmas and she said I smelt. I showed her! I got sick and now she feels horrible. My daughter is starting to feel a little bit better although she goes outside 4 times in an hour and at midnight when Mom’s mumbling about being tired. Mom says her patience is being tried. Now she knows how I felt when she paid sooooo much attention to Tara just because she was sick and wouldn’t eat and she got to go see Dr. G and I didn’t and she got all of Mom’s love and I got yelled at just because I was humping Tara and wanted to play. Geeezzz. Just because she hadn’t eaten for 3 days. I was the one who would get up off the couch and say hello to Mom when she came home. Tara just laid there looking like a sad sack. I hardly got a hello and it’s ‘oh poor Tara’ Bah humbug. I still get up and say hello even tho’ I don’t feel up to it.

 So my dearest Dog God Mother, enough about me! How are you? I miss you sooooooo much. I never see you anymore. Think of you oooodles! Hey that’s kinda like poodles 🙂 You must be busy since Mom says she never hears from you anymore. Of course she could always pick up the phone — that’s only when we give her a few free minutes….must run Tara wants in and I’m right there with her. Just me and my shadow. How many dogs do you know with a white shadow? I must be really really special.

 So lots of love and dog kisses,

 Your loving God Dog,

 Maggie Soo

May 16, 2008 — Maggie Soo to Soo

My dearest dog Godmother,

By the time you read this e-mail I will be sitting at the end of the driveway with all my belongings. Not sure I really know what happened but it did involve a lot of gagging and “my God you stink” coming from Mom. I had such a wonderful time this morning I don’t know what her problem is. I ran across the creek and found a dead fish and it was still really “ripe” is what I think you humans call it. It had lots of scales and guts and stuff that I rolled and rolled and rolled in. Mom was on the other side of the creek. I saw her jumping up and down and think she was shouting something but I was having so much fun that I didn’t pay any attention to her. My daughter saw how much fun I was having so she came over and joined me. I let her roll in it too. Wasn’t that nice of me?

When we came back across the creek, Mom wasn’t happy. Not sure why. Something about “grubby, stinky, mangy, bad dog.” I understand the last part. She got even madder when I shook the creek all over her. Not sure why either because I shared some of my scales and guts with her. Wasn’t that nice of me again!

Then she had the nerve to rub dead leaves all over me and complain that her hands smelled fishy. Something about clients, stinky, and wanting to ring my neck.

Then she was muttering about Lake Louise and how much fun you and I had had during that swimming trip and if you thought it was so much fun, you’d likely think this was fun too and I could go and live with you. There was also muttering when Tara and I got in the car and shook. Well what does she expect, we’d just been swimming. Muttering about car detailing (that had something to do with cleaning and money) and gags and windows open on the ride home and there was even blue smoke coming out of her ears.

She bathed both Tara and I muttering about appointments, being late, gagging, and on and on and on. And she’s still not happy. Tara smells ‘beautiful’ she says but I still stink. Well, yea, I got to roll the most! So my dearest, loving, kind, dog Godmother, with the bestest sense of humour, will you come and get me. Dinner is going to be soon and all I hear is “how can anyone eat with THAT SMELL around.” Think she’s referring to me.

Your loving God dog,


PS. Mom hopes all’s well with you and she says she’ll be fine once I’m off her bed….

May 16, 2008 — Soo to Maggie Soo

My Dear Little Girl:

As you are the best girl in the whole world you are always welcome here.  But between all the muttering of you mother, I think that she may be very, very sad without you there to keep her on her toes.  Good job that you take your JOB very seriously. I am glad to hear that you are still a high achiever that makes you always do your best and if it is rolling in fish guts then so be it. 

I bet that the smell is the perfume that you are emitting with the Ode De Creek scent that you have acquired.  It will for sure lessen as time goes on.  Tell your Mum that if she wasn’t so healthy she would have COKE in the house a bath in it would take all the Creek scent away and make you smell fresh and sweet again.

BUT if you are really looking for a place to stay your welcome to come just have you Mum drop you and we will gladly welcome you.

As far as dinner is concerned it is over rated anyway so don’t feel bad about her grumbling… if she cooked something that she really wanted to then she wouldn’t even notice the smell.  HAHAHAHA.

Keep up the good work honey and enjoy everyday at the Creek, your Mum will get over it.

Don’t tell her that I have said all these things as she may not like that I have taken your side and not hers.

Love you so much and keep in touch.

Your God Mum.

November 14, 2007 — Me to Soo

You’re girl is in big shit this a.m. She hurt her foot on the weekend so we’re leash walking (day 3). Needless to say there is some pent up energy…She and Tara apparently saw a squirrel this a.m. — all I know is that I was face down on the ground looking at my hand smashed into a bag of Maggie’s poop and thinking THANK GOD THE BAG DIDN’T BREAK and what am I doing lying on the ground. Two teenage girls walked by and said ‘are you alright? They saw a squirrel.’ and kept on walking. At least they were kind enough not to laugh! 🙂 Needless to say things have been kinda cool around our house….

March 30, 2007 — Me to Soo

Your God dog is in big shit!!!!! We went to the conservation area this a.m. and she WOULD NOT come when she was called. I even got in the car and drove away. Of course I went back and SHE STILL WOULDN’T COME and ran down into the marsh and through the oh so clean water! So I got in the car and drove away again – she finally decided that maybe she would grace me with her presence. Do you think I was a little pissed????? If she teaches Tara to behave that way, she really will be shot! Tara is a good dog and I’d really like her to stay that way. So Maggie’s bag is packed and she’ll be at the back door waiting for you to come and get her.

March 30, 2007 — Soo to Me

Just let me know and I’ll be there for her…. She is always welcome here.  I will appreciate the goodness in her running away. 

March 30, 2007 — Me to Soo

I went home at lunch time and Maggie is sitting beside her suitcase waiting for the woman who can “see the goodness in her running away”  🙂

Actually, she’s been sooooo good since we got home and ignored her. Tara is now digging up the back yard at the office….

March 26 — Me to Soo

….Maggie’s going to see Dr. G at 1:45. She’s still three legging it so must be more than just sympathy…Tara hardly leaves her side and lies with her head on her. Maggie is being a tolerant mother….

March 26 — Soo to Me

…I hope Maggie is ok, even without seeing her I do think about her often.  Mom tells people about her too, she has a soft spot for her, as she was her star visitor when she was in the hospital. (That was cool)….

January 12, 2007 – Maggie Soo to Soo

 Dearest God Dog Mother,

 Well, I did it. I had “MY OPERATION” on Monday. Am doing really well. Starting to feel like doing more but grouchy old Mom won’t let me play with my baby – you know the one who came back and doesn’t seem to be ever leaving J Only kidding – love her to death and hate to be separated from her for a minute. She is pretty bossy tho’. She must get that from her Dad J As soon as I’m feeling better I’ll put her in her place. Better do it soon b/c she’s growing like mad – she’s 35 pounds already and she keeps eating!

Glad the operations over and glad we did it. Mom cried when she booked it – she can be really weird sometimes – but seemed OK when she dropped me off. I just couldn’t take another one of those stupid false pregnancies – running around worrying about every stuffed toy was exhausting. Especially when that silly puppy picked them up and squeezed them so they cried. That just about put me over the edge and then you should have seen Mom. She gets the funniest face when I cry and whine. Sometimes do it just to see her reaction but don’t tell her that! It sure was worth the hugs and kisses and sometimes even treats. Sure do like all the energy treatments she’s giving me now. Funny but she wasn’t glad to see me when I barked to go out at 1:45 this morning to go outside. So what if we’d only been asleep for a little while. It’s a great time to pee – don’t have to worry about chasing squirrels and stuff and sometimes there’s a black and white striped cat to chase. I rushed up to her (in my waddle way right now) all excited to see her stumble down the stairs and she was grumpy. Jeez. She was OK when she got up this morning but I let her sleep alone just in case.

So my Dearest God Dog Mother, I miss you and think of you often. If you’re in the neighbourhood come and visit – mom has all sorts of tea or I’m sure she’d go to Timmy’s and get you a coffee. Better remind her what you take in it – her memory’s just about as good as her disposition!

Love ya,

Maggie Soo

January 12, 2007 – Soo to Maggie Soo

To my dear Little God Dog:

I’m glad that your feeling ok. Your mom told me you were getting to have the baby carriage made into a play pen, but I was not sure when that was going to be. I’m glad that your over that, it sounded like it was a decision that was not too hard to make as it was jeopardising you life with false pregnancies.  It’s funny that your pup has never gone away, but it doesn’t matter what your mom says I had nothing to do with that….. It was not me that said you would be more happy with a playmate. But really I bet you are even if you don’t want to tell her that.  It will only get better when she grows up a bit. Not that I know anything as I have never even met her, but I bet she has some of your great qualities as she is genetically 1/2 you. How could she not be perfect. The only way she could have been better is if you and Buster had been able to have a baby together. 🙂

Don’t worry about your mom crying as it is a good thing for her to let her emotions out.  She will live longer for it. If she bottled things up she would burst from the inside out.

I think about you and your mom lots and If I ever get the energy I will drop in to see you both and meet your little girl too. But I will promise to love you more as you are very dear to me and I will always bee there for you even if it is long time between seeing you.

Say hi to you everyone for me and look after yourself (get her up anytime of the night that you want as she needs to be kept on her toes 🙂 )  HAHAHAHA, Don’t tell her that I told you that.

Love always,

Your God Mother.

April 20, 2006 – Maggie Soo to Soo

My dearest God-mother,

yup I’m really pregs. Mom didn’t believe me but now she knows for sure and boy is she making a fuss about it. She’s slobbering all over me! I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. What a morning. All I really wanted to do was sleep but oh no, they put me in this padded thing – on my back and God knows I hate being on my back but there were four of them – jeezzzzzz. So I laid perfectly still and didn’t even choke or anything – there were four of them…. The shaving of the tummy was a bit much, let me tell you and THEN they squirretted cold goop all over my tummy. Fools, I’m supposed to roll in goop not have it on my tummy!

Then they put this thing on my tummy and spread the goop all around and watched TV. For Heavens sake, don’t we watch enough TV at home! Then Mom and Debbie cried and laughed and jumped up and down – well Debbie jumped. Mom just stood there, patting my neck and telling me how precious and special I am – as if I didn’t already know that.

Whew, I’m glad that’s over with and now things can get back to normal……..and I can have a nap….

OH yea, the reason for my e-mail is Mom’s forgotten what you said you fed your pregnant mom’s – what a memory that woman has!!!! Something about frying an egg and adding cheese and making an omlette or something. Was there milk in there? And what else were you feeding them? I’m getting lots of boiled chicken breasts right now and some puppy kibble in with my regular kibble. And all the treats I can beg, I mean ask for – she’s such a push over. Dad’s not but I’m working on him! Anyway, can you e-mail it to her so she’ll get it right, I don’t want to get that calcium deficient thingie. God will somebody please give that woman a shake!!!!

Anyway have a wonderful day, my dearest ever God Dog Mom and soon to be my dearest ever Great God Dog Mom! J J J J


Maggie Soo

April 20, 2006 –Soo to Maggie Soo

My Dear Little God Dog!!!!!!

You are doing very well at letting your mother do what she needs to do. (I know sometimes it doesn’t make sense) but this too will pass. Just remember to milk it for all it is worth. Your mom will not even know the difference she is soooooo excited. Enjoy all the eating she is going to let you do for right now. Get your tastebuds ready for lightly cooked eggs with cheddar cheese added to it just as it is cooling down. NO MILK! Then the next day you can have lightly cooked liver cut into pieces before cooking as then you mom won’t have to touch it when it is cooked. Then the cheese and egg the next day. Not too much but enough that you know you’re getting it. Also don’t look to hard at what you’re eating as your mom may sneak a Cal/Mag pill into your food. It is easier if it is a quick dissolve one then you won’t even know it is there. When you get really close to the time (your mother will have to fill you in on what THE TIME means) she will add a 1/2 can of puppy formula into you soaked puppy food. That way she can hide lots of things in your food. If any of these foods do not agree with your digestive system they can be altered. Just let your mom know by throwing up on dad’s side of the bed.

Any questions don’t forget to call me I am just at the end of the phone or just down the road a bit.

Love ya Baby girl,

Good Luck

Your God mom.

January 30, 2006 – Maggie Soo to Soo

Hi Soo,

When we got home from the barn last night I went into the back yard, as always, to make sure it was safe for Mom and Dad and it was invaded by a black and white cat. So I did the only thing an honourable dog would do, I chased it. Do you know what that cat did to me — it tooted in my face and man it stinks and hurt. And Mom and Dad have the nerve to complain when I do it. Hmmm.

Let me tell you I rubbed face all over the fence in the back yard and in the garden — that was the best — the dirt and tree chips felt really good. Then Mom and Dad sprayed this yucky stuff all over me. Mom gagged and just about thru up on me! That would have been good — treats!!!! Then they fluffed up my bed under the table and made me stay there. It was awful. I’m used to sleeping on their bed — actually the floor was softer but don’t tell Mom! I was even blocked off from going into the living room and Mom thru away my good leather collar — it was neat she gagged again this morning.

She wouldn’t even play with me on our walk this morning. Every time she leaned over me to grab the toy — our usual game and boy is she uncoordinated! she gagged again. She really should get that looked into if she’s just going to gag and not give me anything to eat out of it!

So, please, please, please come and get me. Mom won’t let me into the living room and I want my couch!!!!!! How am I going to steal her socks and have her chase me around the dining room table if I can’t get into the living room and upstairs. Oh woof is me……she’s going to leave me all alone again too….Oh poor me….help…..

Your Loving God Dog

Maggie Soo

January 30, 2006 – Soo to Maggie Soo

My dear little girl Maggie;

I’m so sorry that that cat tooted in your face, but I’m sure you were only just trying to make sure that your parents were safe.  They have no right to treat you like you are just a mere dog and making you sleep in the kitchen without the comfort of your nice soft warm comfee bed.  BUT it would be almost worth it to watch your mom gagging all over the place.  Maybe you should get your dad to have the yard cleared for you so that he will be the one to get tooted on instead of you, If it make Mom gag so much she would not be a good one for checking your yard would she.  But if it doesn’t bother your Dad that is the one to do it. I do hope that the stuff they sprayed you with will make it better for you as I bet your not keen on the toot smell either.  You poor little girl, if you need to come and stay here I’m sure that Lake Louise will help to ease your down spirits.  It is always fun to swim in it, and it is growing bigger all the time with the rain.  Tel your mom that you want to have a swim and see what she says.

Remember that I’m the good God mother and while they leave you home alone, sneak into the front of the house and roll all over their bed and on the couch and under the table and open the doors to their closets and rub on their clothes and in the den run-around and get everything smelling like that bad cat, then they wont notice the smell as they will smell too. Just an idea of how to make this a good thing.

Just let me know if you need more help. But remember that they really do love you and this too will pass.

I love you too My Dear God Dog


 January 31, 2006 – Maggie Soo to Soo

 Dear God Mother Soo

Wow! Lake Louise you’re the best!!!! I’m so excited just wait til I tell Mom……she’s not happy. Wonder what her problem is — must have had a hard day at school. She said not til Hell freezes over will I be going into Lake Louise again and she called you a funny name for suggesting it.

I was just about to do what you suggested so that they’d all smell but Dad came home and grabbed me and took me off to that horrible place they call the groomers. I’m now naked and funny smelling once again. Mom was sooooooo thrilled when she got home from school — better than Xmas! Wow Maybe I can find that old cat again if it makes her so happy. She even brought me another toy when she came home from school!!!! Along with tomato juice which I’m sure I won’t like but then said I didn’t need it because I’d been to the butcher, I mean barber. I smell kinda perfumeee with a little cat toot blended in. Don’t think the guys will find me really attractive tomorrow so I’ll see if I can find something dead to roll in while Mom’s at school again. That’ll teach her for leaving me alone so much!!!!!

You’re the best God Mother a dog ever had. Thanks for all your suggestions, even if Mom and Dad won’t go along with any of them.

Lot’s of love, your God Dog, Maggie Soo

 January 31, 2006 – Soo to Maggie Soo

 My Dear Little God Daughter;

I’m so glad that Dad took you to the butcher (I mean barber) although too bad it wasn’t the butcher maybe a nice bone would release some of the stress you must have from the frustration of not getting the kitty.  Your Dad is a good guy , and that would really make your Mom happy.  BUT remember that by trying to protect them from Kitties you got a bunch of attention and a new toy to boot.  Just keep that up your sleeve.  It’s our little secret.

If you remember the word your Mom said about me  re Lake Louise, I would like to know, maybe it sounded like that very clever person for even thinking of it. You know I have a picture of Hell freezing over, so maybe you will really get to visit Lake Louise. Sometimes parents are not reasonable people and that is why they are parents not God parents.  But they are the boss and they out rank those of us that are God parents. But write anytime as I am always here for you.

I’m sure you look beautiful even if you don’t think so, even if you were totally shaved you would be beautiful.

Bye for now

Love always Your God Mother.

 December 2, 2005 – Soo to Maggie Soo

Dear Maggie Soo:

I am very sorry to tell you that today your friend Buster went to his final resting place. He was not well for a few days this week, and it was determined that the cancer had spread to his oesophagus, and he was unable to swallow and he was very ill. H. came over and took care of him just like your brother Mac was taken care of, with the love and gentleness of H.  He is a very caring and gentle man that has lots of heart and compassion.

Don’t be sad for him, he will not suffer a painful, and slow death. He was a trooper and didn’t bat an eye. He knew that it was time to go and he said good bye like the best friend that he was.

I have attached a picture of him so you will always remember him.

Love to your mom and dad


December 2, 2005 – Maggie Soo to Soo

Dear Soo,

On behalf of all of us, I want to say how much Buster Boo will be missed. He was my “first” love and you know how first loves are never forgotten and hold that really really special place in our hearts! He taught me so much….I especially loved our trip to Lake Louise! Even if Mom wasn’t so thrilled, Bust and I had a wonderful time!!!

I am happy that Bust will not be suffering — no dog deserves that, especially my special guy. I know he is in a happy, wonderful, peaceful, and painfree place and that he will always be with us in spirit. I am sad for us who will no longer have him on a physical level, and will miss seeing him and playing with him.

Thank you for our pictures, especially Buster’s. I’m hoping my Mom will get her “technology” together so that she will get a copy made for her office. Then Buster and I will be together guarding the office (and looking for Lake Louise!). Don’t tell Mom the last part….my heart and love is with you all,

Your God-dog,


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