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October 29 — 30 — Tara’s Grief/Symptoms

Tara is doing amazingly well. She’s beginning to settle into her life without Maggie. She definitely misses Maggie and at times looks lost. She’ll walk into the room and sit in the doorway and just look around with a ‘what am I doing here?’ look about her.

Thank God she’s not looking for Maggie as she knows that Maggie has died. I firmly believe having her there was good for Tara. They both became so calm, just before Maggie’s passing, and at the time Maggie’s soul left her body, Tara looked away from Maggie.

There are moments where Tara looks so sad and lost but they are becoming fewer already.

She is still getting Star of Bethlehem in her water and think that’s helping to take the edge off.

Tara’s eating well — I’m heating her beef stew to take the ‘coldness’ out of it and she seems to like it better now. At least she’s eating. Last night I scrambled her a couple of eggs and cheese and added that to her stew. She ate both. Once we use up all the stew I made and put in the freezer, I’ll switch her back to a raw diet. I’m slowly going to start adding oil, vitamins, supplements, and more vegetables back to her food. She can be a very fussy eater so will do all of that slowly.

We went to the woods today, as we’ve done every day since Maggie died. Today was much more significant though because we saw many more dogs and many of whom Tara already knew. She didn’t want to play with any of them but at least she said hello. And more importantly, let them say hello to her. She has a definite time limit on how long the ‘bum sniffing hello’ can go on for. She wasn’t completely relaxed but this is the first time in a couple of months — since Maggie’s diagnosis, that we were in that part of the woods and with so many dogs. So think she did really well. It will all take time for this little puppy, who has only been away from her Mom for a month at 8 weeks of age, to get used to her new role in life.

Am so happy she’s not had any gagging symptoms for the last week or so.

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