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The Holistic Path

I firmly believe in ‘integrative’ medicine. There is a time and place for ‘holistic’ and for ‘traditional’, ‘conventional’ medicine, whatever terms we decide to use. That is the practice I use in my own life and for my animal companions. I spend far more time with my Naturopath — Dr. Sandra Miranda, my chiropractor — Dr. John Noble, my massage therapist — Jessica Raedisch, my Reiki healer — Colleen Janik, my accupuncturist — Dr. Tony Chuvalo, and getting cranial sacral/shaman healings — Sachi James, than I do with my GP who I haven’t seen in over two years when I had my last physical. So I know and believe in the power of holistic medicine. Having said that if I’ve broken a bone, I’m going to the nearest hospital for treatment, in addition to doing everything I can holistically.

So I spent the last three weeks researching the internet. Talking to my circle of holistic specialists, to people at the pet stores, to people at health food stores, as well as Maggie’s vet G and her chiropractor — Dr. Fenella Ely. I e-mailed everyone I know for information, direction, suggestions. I talked to people at Transformational Arts College where I studied and now teach and TA. If nothing else, my ten years at University taught me how to research!

Prior to her initial operation, I’d spent some time, with help and direction from many of my contacts, finding out what would help Maggie heal from the anticipated knee operation. So that was my first step.

I also knew that Tara would be a mess being without her Mom for the day so I got a Bach flower remedy for her — Star of Bethleham. She slept like a baby all day long! Don’t think she even missed her Mom!

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