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September 27

She’s started limping and favouring her leg. Won’t put her full weight on it, even when standing still. For the first time ever, she didn’t want to go for a walk at night. Maggie and Tara were lying on opposite ends of the couch and I asked ‘want to go for a walk?’ There was absolutely no movement. She didn’t even raise her head. Now I get that behaviour from Tara frequently but never from Maggie!

The next day was garbage day so I took out the garbage, fully expecting to see that little face at the door when I came back from putting the garbage at the curb. Nothing. No face. No Maggie.

I picked up their leashes, walked into the living room, ‘want to go for a walk?’. Nope. Nothing. Put the leashes away and took off my jacket. Feeling very sad over this new and disturbing behaviour.

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