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Pre-Knee Surgery Support

One of the things that has helped me tremedously along this journey is the amazing good wishes and energy sent from family and friends. Before Maggie Soo went in for what we thought was knee surgery, I sent an e-mail out asking for love and positive thoughts for her as she went through this. I firmly believe, and research has shown, that loving thoughts increases our vibration and healing process.

Please reach out to people for support! For you and for your animal companion.

I’ve included the e-mail I sent out and many of the responses I received. I’m going to print off all the responses and hang them on the wall to bring that beautiful loving energy more to the forefront. My love and gratitude goes out to all who sent me e-mails and to those who just sent loving thoughts! It shocked me to hear from people I haven’t been in touch with for almost three years! Confirms for me that people do stay in our hearts even when we no longer see each other.

Here’s my e-mail:

Hi Everyone,

 Found out Wednesday that Maggie has to have surgery this Friday (Sept 3) on her right hind knee – torn cruciate ligament. If you have a moment could you please send lots of light and love and healing energy to her – for the surgery and for the eight weeks of recovery. Tara and I will take any extra energy – if yesterday is any indication of what’s to come, I imagine going through tomorrow and keeping Maggie quiet for eight weeks might just be as stressful for Tara and I as for Maggie! J

 Two people have told me about a wonderful rehab facility – Canine Wellness http://www.caninewellness.com/ . We have an appointment there next week. Their website looks awesome. If you have heard anything about it, please let me know.

 Also if you have had any experiences with homeopathic and other natural healing remedies, please let me know. I’m in the process of investigating that now. She’s been on Traumeel for the last 10 days.

 Thanks and hope you have had a wonderful summer.



Here are some of the amazing responses we got!

 Wishing all the best for Maggie during and after her surgery.

 I’m sending love and light to both Tara and you. Hope it goes well. Keep me posted.

 Will be happy to send love and light! Blessings,

 Will be thinking of all 3 of you.  Just stay positive – she will do well. 

 I am sure your love and blessings will do more for her than any homeopathic remedy-although they work wonders themselves .  Will send lots of blessings both your ways. You take special care of you during that time—it’s always hard on adults as well – we do hurt for our pets. Peace and blessings.

 I will definitely hold all of you in my prayers of love and light.  Big hugs to you Phebe.  Sorry that you are having to go through this – and obviously, sorry that Maggie has the torn cruciate ligament. Love to all of you.

Sorry to hear the pooch isn’t feeling good. Here’s some exceptionally good energy coming your way!!!!!!  

Wow! Good luck to all of you my thoughts and prayers are there. Traumeel! will help, with care, 

Oh man, sorry to hear that! That is so sad! Good luck with it today! Peace!

I’m at _______ U. now. Will have the energy healers do their thing, (me too)

 Sending the three of you love and light. Hope the surgery went well today and that Maggie recovers quickly.

 Hope Maggie is doing ok.  And that you are, too!

 How is Maggie doing? Hope everything is going ok and her surgery went well. With healing thoughts,

 How’s Maggie doing?  I have wished that I did know more about homeopathic healing, but I do know about torn left knee ligament 🙂 … it’s well now, and the surgery was before I met you.  However, good luck keeping Maggie quiet. It’s such a relief (after the first 24 hours of pain from surgery) to have a knee again, my doctor got after me for overdoing it. His repairs were also deep within the knee, but I was feeling quite good after a week and didn’t know to take it slowly.  Probably, Maggie hasn’t had that explained in her everyday language either. Trusting that all is well, and I do know a natural healer (and should use her) for humans. Touch is the best, don’t you think?  Every day will be a better day for Maggie.  Please get plenty of rest.

 I am thinking about all of you – how did Maggie’s surgery go on Friday?  How are you doing in the recovery process? My love and prayer are with you.

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