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Confirmation — the Loss of a Pet Journey

Friday, September 10, 2010

Another day from hell. In the morning I got the call confirming that Maggie Soo has osteosarcoma. The lab reports were back and there was no doubt that’s what the tumour was. The vet was very kind and once again gave me my options — nothing, amputation, chemo, or a combination of amputation and chemo. He also gave me the telephone number and address for the oncologist to get a second opinion on the outcome of the options. I asked to have the lab reports sent to our regular vet G.

Maggie and Tara were going to stay with B, her family, and her ‘girls’ – the 3 King Charles Spaniels for the weekend because I was attending the Hay House ‘Movers and Shakers’ conference. I was taking them up around noon so I could go to a funeral on the way to the conference. A colleague’s mother had been killed in a car accident.

The thought of not being with Maggie and Tara for the weekend was painful but I ‘knew’ this conference was important. At this point, I really wasn’t sure why. Logically I knew it was important to help me from a career perspective but felt there were other reasons for going. So I kept my plans to go, as hard as that was.

When I’m taking Maggie and Tara someplace and leaving them I like to stay until they get settled. They love being at B’s so the settling was done within a few minutes but I took advantage of being there to sit with B and have a quiet cup of tea. Yea right! Maggie went off by herself and when she came back her stitches were gone! She looked pleased — neither B nor I did!

So off B and I went to the drug store to get something to clean the wound and hopefully hold it together until it could heal a little more. I’d been through this with Maggie before and knew there was no point in getting the stitches put in again unless it was absolutely necessary. The wound was small enough that at this point I didn’t think we needed to have her re-stitched. I’d put an Elizabethian collar on her earlier in the week when she was pulling at the stitches but she’d stopped so I hadn’t put the collar back on her. She hates the collar but back on it went to keep her from licking the wound and making it bigger. Heart wrenching to watch her face as she walked towards me, crashing into everything with every step. After I left, B took it off her because she could reach the wound even with the collar on! Did I mention that Maggie is a very detemined dog?

The pharmascist was wonderful and told us what to do, so we left with bandages to hold the wound together, an antiseptic cream and instructions to clean the would with a saline solution (salt and water). Lucky B! She seemed fine with the whole thing and I left knowing that Maggie and Tara were in the best of hands. Literally! Maggie relaxed and became calm as soon as B put her hands on Maggie’s face.

By the time I left B’s it was too late to go to the funeral so I went to Heronview to pick up some food for Maggie and Tara and to talk with Lori to see if she had any recommendations re. Maggie’s diet. Of course, I cried when talking with Lori – she was wonderful and supportive and suggested adding Sunday Sundae to what I’m giving Maggie. So off I went with the food and added supplements.

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