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Dr. Fenella Ely — Whitby Chiropractic Centre

Dr. Ely has been a Godsend to Maggie and to Tara! She is an amazing chiropractor and an amazing human being — she’s great with humans and animals! She is open, direct, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. When we’re going to see her I say to Maggie and Tara ‘want to go see Dr. Fenella (as I call her)?’ and their ears perk up and they get excited. I am so glad she is with us on this journey.

As noted on her website, Dr. Ely is dedicated to providing the finest chiropractic services to humans and animals. She works through consultation, examinations treatments and various exercises. All which can elevate health and well being. Her main goal is to help humans and their four legged friends to maintain their health over time. She provides acute care as well as continuing care. Her practice is diverse with patients of all ages and various levels of health. Dr. Ely works hard to optimize the care programme for each individual patient.

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