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October 1

Maggie was quite energetic first thing this morning and was just favouring her leg a little so decided to take her to the woods for a short walk. We were there for 40 minutes — 30 of which were leash free. She was sooooo happy running around. Sadly I think that short romp was too much for her. She was favouring the leg much more when we got home. Didn’t want any breakfast. Finally she ate 3/4 of a can of salmon and a boiled boneless chicken breast. She didn’t want the raw food at all. Because she was so sore I gave her some Metacam and then an hour later her morning dose of Symphytom. We drove to the office this a.m. and she didn’t want to get into the car, asked her if she wanted me to lift her in and she came and stood right in front of me. Usually she’d move away so I took that as a definite yes and lifted her into the car. We’ve been at the office for about 20 minutes and she’s happier, brighter and putting more weight on her leg.

That didn’t last long. She was in more pain and putting less weight on the leg as we went through the day. She hardly ate any dinner but did eat another boiled chicken breast. Gave her extra chicken in her night snack. She didn’t want her snack — ran upstairs and got on my bed when I brought it into the living room. I followed her up and convinced her to eat. Sometimes if I can get her eating, just by giving her a couple of pieces of something, she’ll realize she’s hungry and eat the rest of her treat, breakfast or dinner. This was our worst day yet, in terms of pain and not eating.

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