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September 30

Maggie was more energetic this morning and if I’d had time we would have had a leash free walk in the woods. She slept downstairs last night. Tara came upstairs sometime after 1 a.m. and slept in her crate in my room.  When I came down stairs this morning, Maggie was her excited self — at the foot of the stairs, tail wagging, front feet on the second from the bottom step. Looking happy and excited.

She played with Tara a few times this morning and is almost putting all her weight on her back leg again.

She didn’t want her breakfast but after tempting her with my banana (which she ate half of) she ate about one-third of her breakfast. She devoured the dried chicken slice I gave her as a treat when I left for a couple of hours this afternoon.

When we were leaving the office around 5, Maggie was showing lameness in her leg. Didn’t want to put her full weight on it. After dinner, which she ate, we came back to the office for a short while and then went back home. She was putting more weight on her leg. We then went for a short walk and back to the office. Maggie and Tara were in the back yard for about 30 minutes and were quite excited on the walk home. A. was there when we got home and both Maggie and Tara were happy to see her and bouncing around. Of course, as soon as A. left Maggie started to favour her leg again.

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