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September 28 – 29

Maggie had a fairly quiet night (27-28). She went to sleep on my bed and then left sometime between 12 and 1:45. She came back in the early morning. She limbed a lot during the day so gave her some Metacam. Also a new homeopathic remedy. She picked up a little after that — more energy and less limping. Although she still won’t put her full weight on her leg.

Maggie slept downstairs last night (28-29) which she does sometimes. Tara was with her most of the night — Tara came up on my bed sometime after 4 a.m. The thing that was different though was that she barked at me about 20 minutes after the alarm went off — expecting me to go to her rather than vice versa. If she’s slept downstairs, she frequently comes bounding up the stairs and jumps up on my bed expecting her ‘cuddle time’. This, for Maggie, consists of me rubbing her stomach while she’s standing up holding one leg out. Looks weird but hey if that’s what she wants….

Maggie is still favouring her leg but putting more weight on it than yesterday. We leash walked again this a.m. for about 45 minutes. Hopefully by Friday we will be back in the woods!

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