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November 6 — Gratitude

Can’t believe it’s been a week since I last noted my gratitudes — feels like the last week has gone by in a complete blur… Anyway, I’m grateful for:

1. The fact that Tara has gone in and out of the office four times in the last 25 minutes because it means she is here with me and sharing herself in all¬†the wonder and glory that she is. It means that I’m here and healthy and able to comply with her wishes ūüôā

2. The fact that Tara has now settled down on her dog bed beside my desk and is going back to sleep which means I can focus on my writing.

3. A. for joining Tara and I for dinner last night and for what I believe is developing into¬†an amazing friendship. She has such beautiful energy and is such a kind soul that it’s a gift to be in her presence.

4. A for being open to and accepting Maggie’s wishes that Maggie communicated to me this week while Tara and I were walking in the woods.

5. Maggie for coming to visit me this week¬†— in the woods, in the house, and the bark that I heard in the early morning hours.

6. For the fact that I’m just about done all my ‘bookkeeping’ activities and have my year-end material almost ready to ship off to my accountant. Yea!!!!!

7. For all the kind wishes that I’m still receiving, about Maggie’s passing,¬†in person, e-mails, phone, and cards.

8. For the Universe for having my existing clients return to see me and for sending me new clients. They are all such a joy to work with.

9. For the fact that Tara can be with me for most of my work.

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