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October 8 — Pet Illness Symptoms

Maggie went downstairs at some point in the night and slept there. I went to check on her around 5 a.m. and she was sleeping on the floor. Didn’t come back upstairs with me.

Had a 30 minute leash walk. Ate her breakfast — at first didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Went upstairs to get away from my “convincing” then came back down and ate, with a little convincing. Seems once she starts she doesn’t want to stop! It’s just getting her to eat that takes some time. She had Metacam at 8:30. At office and wants to play with her new “goose” — a delightful stuffed toy that a very dear client brought yesterday — one for Maggie and one for Tara!

Tara’s sleeping and Maggie wants to play — which pet has the illness????

A couple of hours later — Maggie’s getting stiff and appearing to be a little sore. Am giving her a dose of Aurum.

Went for a stroll along the lake. It’s windy and a wave got Maggie — she was a really good sport about it! She’s now meditating on the deck with Tara.

Ate all of her dinner with little coaxing. Had a short walk and wouldn’t have any treats.

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