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October 11 — Pet Illness Symptoms

Had a short walk — late morning as I’m attempting to conquer a migraine — Maggie seems to be doing pretty good this a.m. She slept downstairs last night. Ate all her breakfast, with just a little coaxing. Gave it to her in a glass pie plate and added nothing to it except some raw vegetables — just plain homemade hamburger and liver stew and cooked vegetables.

Tara was most upset that Maggie was getting a ‘different’ breakfast — it was basically the same except I’d added oil and Estentials to Tara’s and it was in her metal dish. Thought there must be something special about glass pie plates so put Tara’s breakfast into Maggie’s empty pie plate but she still didn’t eat it. Just sat there staring at it. Imagine this is all getting pretty confusing for Tara!

Metacam at 10:30. Maggie is staying close to me. So will have a quiet day at the office and a walk in the woods this afternoon.

Went to the office and Maggie sat on the deck staring off into space most of the time we were there. Left around 3 and went to the woods for another beautiful fall day walk. All was going well, even off leash, until Maggie decided to turn into a huntress , I saw a grey and then a white blur and then all I could hear was Maggie and Tara’s barking getting further away. Thank Heavens they weren’t gone for too long. Sat and had a drink of water and rested for about 10 minutes and then she was ready to walk back to the car — on leash!

Both ate their dinners and are having a nap. Maggie just walked across the room. Her leg is very stiff and she looks sore. Gave her a dose of Aurum Metal 200 ch at 6:20 p.m.

Quiet night. No evening walk, given the afternoon’s exercise that was a good thing! A friend came to visit Maggie so she got mental stimulation rather than physical — Maggie really wasn’t interested in walking.

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